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Sarah Orsag


Sarah  orsag


Sarah’s favorite thing growing up was her family’s box of 4x6’s in their basement; she would spend hours flipping through them over and over again. Her favorite old photo was a simple black and white portrait of her great grandparents on their wedding day. She loved how timeless it was and that it took her back to a moment almost 90 years past.

Weddings combine so many things I love; I get to style and shoot beautiful gowns, florals, and details so much thought has gone into selecting and creating. at the same time,

I have the privilege of photographing the truth of a day full of emotions, energy, and history that i hope generations will treasure.

When she was in high school, she began to teach her self photography, devouring any information she could find. She bought herself a camera and a few lenses and spent all her free time exploring this new passion. She photographed her first wedding with a friend when she was only 15 and fell in love it with then. She launched her own wedding photography business at 17 years old and completely fell in love with weddings and the experience she had behind the scenes. As she grew in her photography career, she became interested in the wedding fashion side of things and spent several years working in the bridal fashion industry. She styled gowns from designers around the world before moving to full time photography work.




Some of Sarah's other passions are donuts, coffee,
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