This is

Joy Lane

To me weddings are about capturing the perfect expression of love...
at a glance...
Guilty Pleasure
Do-rite Donuts for the best Maple Bacon in town!
What keeps me going
Spending quality time with my family
Friday night off
Pizza & Movie night with my hubby + kids

Joy has always been fascinated with experiencing life through the arts. Her interest in storytelling began in undergrad while she studied music. That interest quickly turned into a love of a narrative’s ebb and flow. When she discovered photography, it quickly became a passion and a pursuit. She is drawn to the way that small details and moments can reveal so much emotion.

Since diving into wedding and lifestyle portraits in 2017, she has not looked back. Through her life experience she has learned the story that each photograph can hold and the incredible value it carries for generations to come. Tapping into each client’s personality, she captures the moments that endlessly pull on your heart strings. Her photos are your love, your precious moments captured forever.

Take a look....
Using a combination of various expertise, Joy leans toward a traditional and editorial style that is specifically calibrated to the couple. Especially noticeable is her ability to piece out the deeply sentimental moments and capture them in real time.  


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