How & why the team came together

Our adventure began like most cool things do. Over the course of many years in the Wedding industry, we found ourselves seeing a need to optimize the experience of hiring a photographer. Each one of us wanted to give ourselves, and the couples we work with, the satisfaction of consistent quality across every step in the wedding planning process. Finding other kindred spirits who operate from a core of equal talent and vision, we banded together to form the Collective.

As we’ve grown individually and together, we’ve worked to cultivate skill-pairings and a collective style that highlights a narrative true to each, individual couple. We pride ourselves on an integrative management style - where all team members are “in the know” and ready to provide consistently quality photographs.

studio team

Our studio team is dedicated to the  seamless transition between planning and executing the photography for your wedding. The Collective structure offers the experience and personal touch of an individual photographer, with all the convenience of a big studio.

You’ll start your journey with Sabrina, who will walk you through your options and pair you up with the photographers who best match your unique style.

With Emily and Grettel tirelessly to behind the scenes on editing, our photographers are able to focus on connecting with clients, building their craft, and collaborating with clients and each other about how to make your photos exactly what you want.

The Collective provides a luxury experience to clients looking for a personalized connection and a guarantee of timeless, elegant photos. On the day of your wedding, you’ll be working with collaborative partners who are ready to capture you.

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Photographer + Owner
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UX Designer + Photographer
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Photographer + Photo Editor
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Brand Manager + Owner
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