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Chad Husar


Chad husar

Born in Wisconsin, Chad Husar has been doing wedding photography “before it was cool” - well over 15 years in Chicago, but he has stopped counting.  For Chad, photography is an almost magical form of communication. Every photo is a tiny masterpiece, a harmonization of different tools, materials, and techniques; a story that captures the full range of emotions in a way that words cannot.  

Chad has found weddings to be a perfect environment for his unique perspective and approach.  Weddings are one of the most meaningful days for a couple and their families, so they naturally provide a true glimpse of themselves at their best.  

He sees the expressive moments that gets to people’s essence, and their story, at their core. His work speaks for itself - evocative, dramatic, and genuine, immortalized in a timeless form.  

Beyond the final product itself, Chad’s extensive experience has led him to “see it all” in weddings...unexpected changes in weather, road closures, transportation breakdowns, accidents...and he has developed the invaluable ability to roll with it and improvise with a smile.  His calm demeanor, adaptability, and ability to anticipate has helped many couples keep the stress out of what should be their best day ever!

Chad’s beautiful work has been featured in such publications as Modern Luxury Weddings, Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Chicago Style Weddings, and Buzzfeed.  In addition to photography, Chad is a founding partner of the socially-conscious apparel company Lost Format, an avid motorcyclist, hot sauce connoisseur, and loving doggy father to Lola, the sweetest dog in the known universe.


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