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Cafe Brauer Wedding

Wedding at Cafe Brauer

cafe brauer | lincoln Park | Chicago

Erika and Phillip’s wedding day at Cafe Brauer this Labor Day weekend was a highlight of our year. Their use of design with bold, romantic colors was breathtaking. Thew two of them are absolutely delightful people to hang out with and we loved every moment we got to spend photographing their wedding day in Chicago.
The couple got ready for their wedding at the Four Seasons in Chicago, which is one of the best hotels in the city for wedding day prep!
Moments like this with the bride and her mother are completely priceless- if there’s one piece of advice we would give to couples it would be to take time for quiet parts of the day like this to just enjoy and take in the day with their closest of the close family and friends. This also makes for the best photos and the ones you’ll treasure for years to come.
Emotional wedding photography with a documentary photojournalistic style
cafe brauer wedding_005.jpg
Minimalist bridal portrait near a window at the Four Seasons in Chicago
Silhouette getting ready portraits in hotel suites with sweeping windows are always favorites of ours!
cafe brauer wedding_006.jpg
Peony and rose bouquet in bold colors for summer wedding along the lakeshore in Chicago.
cafe brauer wedding_009.jpg
Erika’s dad walked her to her first look with Phillip and this photograph of the two of them at the bottom of the steps is so sweet.
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We love the Four Seasons in Chicago because it is one of the best hotels to get ready at for your wedding day. This staircase is an excellent indoor first look location in Chicago!
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Lower Michigan Ave is one of our secret hidden photo locations. Even on the busiest weekends in the city (like Labor Day weekend) it is never crowded and it’s also covered so it’s a great rainy day wedding photo location spot!
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